Making Waves with your Webseries 2 – Financing

Film Insight is back with a 4 part Web Series Panel. The audio is recorded from an event that took place in August as a partnership between the Bay Area Women in Film and Media and Producer Foundry. The second installment focuses on Financing, and different methods filmmakers use to get their webseries funded.  Subscribe on iTunes to get all four parts!

Panelists include Ryan Lynch Creator, Director and Executive Producer of SanFranLand,

Florencia Manovil Co-creator, Head Writer, Director & Producer of Dyke Central.

Rosie Ferdin Cruz Co-creator and actor in Hush

Pamela Day Social Media Guru

FEATURED MODERATOR Maya Zuckerman Co-Founder of TransmediaSF

For Bios please check out the original event on eventbrite

Come back in two weeks for the second part of the series, and in the meantime, check out the Producer Foundry Page and Group on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Join Our Mailing List!

To Listen to Part 1, Click Here!

Hosted and Produced by Ben Yennie and Randy Hall

Edited by Alex Nigro

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